Get the best in Adelaide Property Management

Our landlords entrust us to reliably manage their properties for greater profitability and fewer worries — We get the highest possible rent from quality tenants with many properties leased within 4 Days!


Guaranteed success with your investment property requires 360° expertise, competence and industry best practice.

All for less than the cost of a cup of coffee a week.


Our objective is clear: Above all, we keep your property occupied with paying tenants. While your property collects dust, it’s no good to your bottom line. As such, HOSO combines best-in-class rental marketing and tenancy management to help you get the right paying tenants. Thanks to our firm commitment, your cash flow will grow in no time.


Obviously, no landlord likes late (or low) returns. You can trust HOSO to eliminate or reduce late or slow returns.

HOSO gives Tenants a range of payment options, including EFT, Direct Debit, credit card payment, Debit Card payment, and BPay.

In previous practice. We believe that improving the payment method can avoid some tenant excuses that solve the problem fundamentally.


First and foremost, you deserve smart (yet fast) responses to repairs & maintenance calls.

No landlord should have to deal with burst pipes, broken windows, and finger-pointing that wastes time. In addition to the stress put on you, it affects your property’s attractiveness and reliability. As a result, you are burdened by wasted time and wasted money.

Unfortunately, many landlords can take the better part of a week to address these issues.

In contrast, the Property Me system maximises the lifetime value of your repairs and maintenance. Furthermore, we ensure that urgent issues are quickly resolved within 48 hours.

Thanks to our constant care, you can stress less and earn more from your investment.

A better way to manage your portfolio

HOSO use Property Me, which is a quick response system that accesses your one-stop shop for all things related to your investment property. All your information and documents, as well as communication history, are all in one place for easy access–so you can be as involved or hands-off as you want!

Your secret weapon

HOSO combines property investment knowledge to give you all-rounded assistance and advice to maximise your return on investment.

Tailored advice at every stage

Comprehensive, full-service coverage

Access seasoned industry experts

You need partners who are committed to your property’s success

The HOSO team delivers the best possible service experience with one goal in mind: to see you succeed in your journey as a landlord. So, call us say"G' Day"
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